CUSTOM-BUILT Formulations
Engineered for VALUE and

NeoCrumb Compounds are produced using Sustainable Polymers that are alloyed with Micronized Rubber Powder (MRP) derived from end-of-life tires.

The resultant compounds are specifically formulated for various types of molding and extrusion processes wherein sustainability objectives include greater durability and ISO 9001 quality.


Our Pledge. Our Pride. Our Promise.

  • Extensive industry expertise in formulating polymeric compounds with unique characteristics
  • Development of distinctive superior engineered systems and MRP products in collaboration with our customers
  • Proprietary, tailored, recycled and sustainable solutions for high value products
  • Precision engineering, rigorous testing, and uncompromising quality standards to meet the needs of our domestic & international customers
  • Our experienced team has gained crucial insights into customer requirements, and offer tremendous capabilities, support, and flexibility to attain optimal results
Sustainable Engineered Polymer Solutions

of Compounding and Formulary

Dedicated to the development of alloy systems using diverse polymeric ingredients to achieve the physical traits required to replace existing materials.


Let’s REIMAGINEand RESHAPEthe Future Together

NeoCrumb has a diverse, immersive framework that will maximize your market impact. We create value through comprehensive, sustainable solutions which accelerate optimized results.

NeoCrumb products are a replacement for polypropylenes and thermoplastic elastomers used in the plastic extrusion and injection molding industries. We serve a wide range of applications including wheelhouse liners, automotive facia components, industrial golf cart flooring, and trailer components such as scuff panels, tie slats, flooring, and more.


Markets We Serve

At NeoCrumb, we are true partners with our global customer base. Through our proprietary systems and engineering expertise, we deliver the best possible customized solutions that enable critical functionalities for achieving peak performance.

Recycled Automotive Rubber Parts

Automotive, Trucking, and Trailers

Aerospace Rubber Extrusions Parts


Rubber Parts for Building and Construction Application

Building and Construction

Food Industry

Food Industry

Retail Market

Retail Industry

Recycled Rubber Outdoor Products

Outdoors and Recreation



Agriculture Market


Recycled Packaging Materials


Military and Government Contractors

Military / Government Contractors

From Formulation to Production to Reality

NeoCrumb has a revolutionized proprietary process that combines plastic resins and micronized rubber powder created from recycled tire rubber.


NeoCrumb products can be injection molded, extruded into sheets, profile extruded, and blow molded.

NeoCrumb is a customer-driven business, collaborating and developing high value products utilizing engineering principles and processes.

The NeoCrumb Management Team has a proven track record of success both domestically and internationally. We are multi-faceted not only in leadership but implementation as well.

We consider our most valuable asset to be our people who possess extensive technical and manufacturing knowledge in the Plastics and Rubber industries which differentiates us from our competitors.


Key ADVANTAGES of NeoCrumb Products

  • Injection mold at lower temperatures
  • Increase throughput
  • Unique, sustainable engineered compounds
  • Create stronger and less brittle products
  • Improved product performance

Our Innovative Solutions Prioritize Quality, Consistency, and Durability