Our Team

The NeoCrumb leadership team is focused on offering sustainable solutions that produce high-value products.

We are a CUSTOMER-DRIVEN SERVICE BUSINESS that is dedicated to delivering compounds with unique characteristics that are tailored to your specific needs.

By advancing the quality and capability of each product, NeoCrumb offers customers the highest level of performance, efficiency, and cost-savings.

Daniel Johnson

CEO and Board Chairman

Member of the Board for the past 7 years, principal shareholder, and now leads the restructuring of the company. Dan has been the President and CEO of two scaffold companies for the past thirty-four years and now sets on the Board of five companies.

Alan Oliver


Extensive strategic leadership experience managing operations, sales, and client development. He has led international teams serving a global network of customers to achieve exponential growth.

Paul Larson

Chief Financial Officer

Served in senior executive roles overseeing finance, sales, and operations for national transportation organizations including a subsidiary of Mayflower Moving and Storage.

Bill Schreiber

Chief Technology Officer

With over 35 years working in the polymer and rubber industry, Bill has highly specialized experience with formulating compounds and engineering products. Bill is NeoCrumb's top alloy system expert and a visionary within plastics and rubber technologies. In his expansive career, Bill has served as Technical Director, Plastics for Lehigh Technologies Inc., a Sr. Member of the Society of Plastics Engineers, Chairperson for SPE Plastics Environmental Division, and an Instructor at Schoolcraft College. Bill has an unwavering commitment to precision engineering, rigorous testing, and uncompromising quality standards.

Robert Schreiber

Director of Operations

Robert Schreiber brings over 20 years of experience in Polymer Science Management, including an extensive background in fields such as Injection Molding, Extrusion, Quality & Laboratory Management, and Material Specification approval. He is well versed in all ASTM and ISO Standards for polymer materials testing and procedures. Robert has launched and managed numerous closed-loop recycling streams, each building and maintaining a win-win feed-stream scenario with OEM's, Tier 1's, and recycling suppliers.