Customized, Sustainable Solutions The Possibilities are Limitless

NeoCrumb believes in protecting our natural resources and essential reserves. Our goal is to minimize any negative impact by leading with sustainable best practices and positive environmental policies.

Eco Friendly Sustainable Solutions

Our proprietary process, which uses crumb rubber as a core ingredient, offers a unique opportunity to consume the huge quantities of scrap rubber currently polluting the planet.

Recycling of previously non-renewable products helps to reduce landfills and curtail environmental challenges.

Physical property testing by certified laboratories has shown that our PolyCrumb alloy systems can meet or exceed the quality and sustainability of existing plastic or rubber-based products currently on the market.

Global Economy

By balancing preservation and protection with innovative possibilities for recycled materials in the global economy NeoCrumb can support each customer’s commitment to sustainability.

Neocrumb’s Team Of Experts Has A Singular Purpose

Design, develop, and engineer formulations that will have customers operating efficiently, safely, and with the greatest care of our shared ecosystem.

reduce our environmental footprint together.