Company Profile

NeoCrumb provides engineered compounds to meet customer requirements of shaped or rolled products from concept to commercialization.

NeoCrumb assists in prototype development and testing of finished products, and we partner with organizations to produce sustainable, high value products to their specifications.

We have been able to identify and develop certain formulations and technologies relating to production and proprietary processes.


sustainable rubber with virgin or recycles resins, we create alloy systems that provide all or most of the following attributes:

  • Cost reduction in the total formulation without sacrificing the physical traits desired by substituting a rubber/plastic composite for a portion or all of the current materials being used.
  • Decrease the weight in many applications because of the ability to foam the composite.
  • Reduce cycle times in applications that use injection molded parts since a) heat settings are decreased in the molding process and b) less overhead costs applied per part because of higher throughput from lower temperatures.
  • Improve noise and vibration (NVH) as a result of the introduction of the rubber.
  • The ability to utilize recycled material(s) in their product to align with their sustainability goals.

PolyCrumb alloy systems use select crumb rubber and polymers that are combined and processed following precise steps to create a family of pellets that can add value to a wide range of products across several industry sectors.

Physical property testing by certified laboratories has shown that our PolyCrumb alloy systems can meet or exceed existing plastic or rubber-based products currently on the market.

NeoCrumb is your Solution Provider

We are your source of formulation expertise to produce high-performing products with essential attributes including durability, flexibility, extreme temperature resistance, strength, and long-term sustainability.

Let’s work on your roadmap to higher product quality, improved production, and cost-savings.