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How We

NeoCrumb has a REVOLUTIONIZED Proprietary Process for combining plastic resins and micronized rubber powder
created from RECYCLED tire rubber.

We are DEDICATED to producing
High Value products that serve MULTIPLE
and applications.

Global Solutions

The NeoCrumb team of experts has the capability to compound and formulate materials that meet the unique needs of our domestic and international customers.

We solve complex product obstacles, market barriers, and material challenges with customized solutions.

Quality Counts

We continually advance and refine our product lines to make them more efficient and cost-effective.

Illuminated Light Bulb

Scope of NeoCrumb Services

  • Innovative processing, engineering, and support services
  • Recycled polymer solutions with a laser focus on sustainability, durability, flexibility, and endurance
  • Master Batch compounds to replace a customer’s plastic resins with a rubber/plastic composite
  • Unmatched protocol of high standards and exceptional performance
  • Ongoing modifications of the raw materials as physical requirements change
Recycled Rubber Pellets
  • 3500+

    Materials Tested

  • 90+

    Years of Combined Compounding & Formulation Experience

  • 500+

    Projects Performed and Challenges Resolved

Polymer Alloy Systems

Industry Standard Testing | Compounding & Processing Tailored Formulations | Optimized Production

Together, we can achieve your vision and capture new opportunities for end-of-life tires by designing high value, sustainable products that are built to last.